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SMS and Email Marketing Services

Evekon Technologies one of the best cheap and reliable SMS and Email Marketing services round the world

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SMS and Email Marketing

SMS MArkeeting

SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. To receive text message specials, new product updates or more information, customers are usually required to opt in to an automated system by texting an initial shortcode
we provide a best solution for promoting your business and brand all over the world,Do Promote your business locally or globally. now we are providing the best solutions to grow and promote your brand and businessin all over the world by using SMS and Email Marketing
A Low Price, High Value Bulk SMS Services With our price match promise you can send and receive low cost text messages online using our award winning SMS solutions

SMS Marketing SOFTWARES and Services

By sending bulk SMS you can reach any sized group of contacts within a few seconds, easily communicating with customers, clients and staff at the one click of a single button omly.
SMS has involved as a key platform for your businesses to unlimit their reach to the pre existing and new coming customers, with the advances in technology and the increase in mobile equipments popularity the bulk SMS marketing is runing from a strength to strength.
Our bulk SMS services lets you send the larger number of messages in a shorte moment time frame. by increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns and decreasing the time and effort spent in contacting your customers.
We have been helping over 100,000 businesses of all sizes and every industry send up to forty million messages every month – so when we say that bulk SMS marketing works, you know we are talking form experience.
Helping children's nurseries send all their parents bulk mobile updates when extreme weather has led to school closures, empowering a local business to update potential customers within their service radius of new offers, and enabling entertainers to build loyal followers with unique value codes for future events in their local area, are just some of many ways in which bulk messages can deliver bulk gains for business
sms campaign opt in numbers Also, SMS Messages have a 95 percent open rate, compared to just 11 percent for email marketing messages. This means you can be sure your message doesn't get lost or ignored.
Our phone is the most intimate form of technology we have. It's always with us, allowing you to offer the right deal to the right person at the right time. SMS campaigns are an easy way to increase communication and develop a strategy to reach more customers than you ever have before.
SMS marketing refers to the use of a mobile device to promote a certain product or service. This is done by sending SMS messages or text messages from a company to a consumer. These messages often contain specific promotions for sales or discounts and are sent to consumers via their cellular phones.
SMS marketing has become increasingly popular among marketers. Consumers must opt in to receive text messages from companies on their cell phones; consumers can also opt out if they decide they'd no longer like to receive them.
By marketing through text message, consumers receive non-invasive marketing that may trigger them to act when they are out shopping or incite a special trip to the store to take advantage of an offer.

Why Bulk SMS and its advantage ?

Messenger lets you communicate with customers in seconds for pennies by text. Send promotions, booking confirmations, reminders or news to grow your business and best of all it only takes minutes.

  • SMS boasts 97.5% open rates.
  • Rapid Speed – reach customers in just 5 seconds
  • Send text messages from as little as 2.4p each
  • Reach multiple people at once during time sensitive periods
  • Avoid barriers usually met by other forms of marketing communication
  • Easily manage your bulk SMS campaigns with the award winning Messenger

E-Mail Markeeting

Why Email Marketing

Cheaper than post and proven to be more effective than email, bulk SMS is a tool that can support any business of any size and sector. Messenger can send over 8000 messages per second so no bulk SMS campaign is too large for us.
Whether you are sending sales promotions for your retail store, or promoting upcoming events for a sports and leisure venue, bulk SMS can work for you. See how bulk SMS can be an effective tool for your business

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